IT Audit

An IT audit assures the reliability of IT systems, regardless of the system or platform used. Soll-IT’s certified IT auditors have the expertise and years of experience required to properly verify IT infrastructures and IT systems, for which they use internationally accepted standards. Such services can be engaged by both accountants and SMEs.


Integrated auditing programme

Systems and data are assessed by studying how reliably application and IT general controls function, possibly supplemented with data analysis, resulting in an appraisal of the system and data. This permits a smart and efficient auditing programme, as you can use the automated verification options in IT systems, or efficiently use data analysis for a more detailed study of abnormalities. To this end, we can offer you IT First; an integrated auditing programme completely tailored to your needs and work, and with the option of coaching and training your staff.

Certification and data analysis

Our IT auditors can be engaged to perform audits in accordance with international certification standards, such as ISAE 3402/SOC1, ISO 27001 and other certifications, as well as data analyses, through which they can provide you with insight into data relationships and their reliability.

IT Advice

Both accountants and SMEs engage us for independent professional IT advice, such as creating a reliable IT environment. We enjoy exchanging ideas with the system administrator, giving a second opinion about your partnership with your IT supplier, advising on outsourcing, selecting packages, and continuity strategies, as well as assessing the functionality and reliability of your IT system. Thanks to our extensive experience with different IT systems in various industries, we are in a perfect position to give you targeted advice; IT advice.

Privacy audit on compliance with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wbp)

The Dutch Data Protection Act (Wbp) requires that every organisation properly protects any personal data in their possession. A privacy audit provides you with assurance that the measures taken are appropriate, or lets you know what you still need to do to meet the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act. Our IT auditors work together with lawyers on a privacy audit and after conducting a risk class analysis of your organisation’s level of security, you will receive a report that you can use to demonstrate the extent to which you meet the Wbp, or where exactly you need to make amendments.

Contact our IT auditors

Our independent IT auditors would be delighted to examine the quality of your organisation’s IT so that you can improve specific components or can demonstrate the reliability of your entire IT system. Would you like some more information or an introductory chat, free of obligation? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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