For SMEs

Are your IT systems protected and operating as expected? Soll-IT can help you get a clear answer to this question. We also carry out audits and provide advice to SMEs on everything IT related in your organisation.

Preventing damage

Although every company nowadays expects its IT to operate perfectly, in practice, not every IT system manages to do so. This creates opportunities for hackers and throws up hurdles for your business. However, a proper audit and, above all, a clear to-do list to make sure systems are operating optimally and safely prevents you from suffering damage.

IT auditing

Soll-IT’s IT auditors not only have broad experience in auditing, IT systems and platforms, they also understand the various sectors and demands of SMEs. With a wide range of IT auditing services, you can acquire both auditing services and targeted advice from us. That means, for example, you can make sure those critical backups are actually carried out and can be reverted to, or that the operational continuity of your organisation is supported by good IT systems.


Companies using DigiD have to deal with sensitive private data, so it goes without saying that the systems handling this data must not exhibit any faults or weaknesses. For these companies and organisations in particular, we offer DigiD audits; an audit programme where your systems are audited by a RE (Register EDP Auditor). If you plan to use DigiD, we can also assist you in the application process for the DigiD link.

IT supplier selection

In addition to needing to make sure all your systems are working properly, you obviously want to be sure that your IT suppliers are operating perfectly and pursue your interests. Soll-IT is on hand for advice on selecting the right supplier, assistance with negotiations, and drawing up SLAs with IT suppliers.

Let Soll-IT advise you

Do you want to know whether your systems are operating properly and are sufficiently secure? Ask Soll-IT for advice. Contact us and we’ll gladly make an appointment for an introductory chat, free of any obligation.

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