For accountants

If you are an accountant who signs off your clients’ financial statements, it is important to know that the data on which you are relying is trustworthy. We can give you that confidence with our IT audits, where we vet and evaluate systems and processes. Should anything not be in order, we will let you know immediately and tell you exactly what measures are required to ensure correct data collection.

Reliable financial information

Without the assurance that the financial information is reliable, it’s practically impossible for an accountant to present the final figures. IT expertise is required to be able to assess the quality of data. If you’re lacking in this expertise, you can acquire it with an IT audit.

Providing a link between accountant and system administrator

In addition to the fact that IT systems are becoming more complex, corporate system administrators often speak their own language. This makes it even more difficult for most accountants to get assurance about the quality of the data, or to get the required information. That is where we come in; our IT auditors have experience in both accountancy and technology, facilitating the communication between accountants and system/application administrators.

Process and system inspections

Are you dealing with clients with complex IT systems, or platforms you can’t understand? Then you need Soll-IT as your partner to obtain the required data. We test, regardless of the platform in use, whether the data is correct by auditing processes and systems. Where necessary, we also make clear what should be done to properly resolve any loopholes, so you can sign off the financial statements with confidence.

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