Data analysis

As IT usage increases, so does the amount of data in systems. In order to use this data, it must be established whether or not it is reliable. Soll-IT’s IT auditors can inform you about the quality of the data and perform custom data analyses for you, such as for the annual accounts audit.

Process mining

Process mining is a method of clarifying available information, identifying possible risks and making data relevant for accountancy audits. Our auditors extract the required information from your systems, providing you with a list of all the interactions between the various components in your company so you can:

  • identify problems,
  • compare performance,
  • make processes more transparent,
  • discover root causes, and
  • determine the outcome of changes.

Tooling for data analysis

Whether you are looking for a data analysis tool or someone who can work well with one, you can rely on us. We use various tools in daily data analysis, and are familiar with IDEA and DISCO, among others. Regardless of the system used by your organisation, we can extract and assess the required data for you, delivering custom data analysis.

Insight into processes

The data analyses carried out for you by our auditors give you an understanding of the administrative handling of processes, with the whole process being mapped out in one go for a certain period of time. This knowledge will allow you to implement real improvements, because you will understand where problems are located.

IT auditors for data analysis

If you want data analyses carried out, or support in carrying out data analysis, do not hesitate to engage our IT auditors.


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