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As an accountant, you must make optimal use of the automated controls in IT systems for the auditing programme to be efficient. The solution to this issue is IT First, an integrated auditing programme. It allows you, as an accountant, to exploit more fully the automated controls in IT systems. This auditing programme involves the IT auditor and accountant working together closely to make auditing smarter and more effective. The ultimate responsibility remains with the supervisory accountant, but IT is integrated into the auditing programme.

Tailored to your auditing practice

Fully integrating IT First within your accounting firm means you can be certain that you can properly apply it in your auditing practice. We can ensure the appropriate implementation of the IT First approach with the following products:

IT First Maturity Measurement

The first step in IT First is a baseline measurement, where we identify the IT audit knowledge of you and your accountants in your auditing practice. Basically, we measure the capability of your office to efficiently apply the IT First approach by speaking with some supervisory employees and conducting a number of file reviews in your office. Then we classify the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) of your organisation, before drawing up a follow-up plan. The IT First measurement is available at a fixed price.

IT First Mentoring

If you would like the outcomes of the First IT Maturity Measurement to be more specifically detailed, we can follow it up with IT First Mentoring. This new process is based on previous findings, and involves training and coaching you and your staff to incorporate the IT audit into your auditing programme, so that it is carried out smartly and efficiently. Throughout this process, our IT auditors are available to consult with your employees.

IT First Basic Review

Would you like to know what your client’s situation is in advance, as well as what it means for your auditing work? If so, we can be hired in to carry out the IT First Basic Review for you. It involves a scan of the minimum required work based on COS 315 and applicable legislation and regulations. We look at various aspects, including:

  • Application controls
  • IT organisation
  • Backup and recovery
  • Logical access security
  • Change management
  • Operational management

We then collaborate with you to identify risks and any next steps. IT First Basic Review can be purchased as a separate product at a fixed price.

IT First Additional Research

This process is the sequel to the Basic Review. Depending on the situation observed at your client, you can decide which activities you perform yourself and which ones you hire in Soll-IT’s IT auditors for. If, as an accountant, you would like to carry out more work in the auditing programme yourself, then it is ideal to combine this phase with IT First Mentoring. After the work is complete, we will incorporate our findings in a report for the accountant, clearly stating the consequences of these findings for the audit process.

IT First, for every accountant

IT First can help every accountant gain insight into the IT systems required for the auditing programme, in various ways. IT First can be purchased separately or as part of a package. Whatever you decide, we will make sure that our product is completely tailored to your needs and situation. For more information, please contact us.

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