About Soll-IT

IT auditors who understand their business

IT auditing for accountants requires knowledge of both accountancy and IT. At Soll-IT we possess both. We are the independent IT auditors for accountancy firms and SMEs.

For accountants and SMEs

Accountants, system administrators, SMEs or IT suppliers, they’re all parties differing from each other, each with their own areas of expertise. Even so, they often need each other making it important that all are well understood. We establish this communication link ensuring an end result that is achieved in a timely manner and in accordance with the engagement.

Reliable data and insight into solutions

Among other services for accountants, we conduct IT audits in which we not only assess the reliability of the number and data, but also indicate relevant issues and how these can be resolved. SMEs seeking for more assurance about their IT systems or needing assistance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements), have come to the right place at Soll-IT. We possess extensive experience and expertise from which our clients draw the benefits.

Guaranteed quality and expertise

Soll-IT’s IT auditors guarantee quality with their expertise and up-to-date knowledge of relevant developments, and the latest legislation and regulations. We are:

  • certified IT auditors subject to continuous quality monitoring;
  • educators at SRA for IT audits at SMEs;
  • committee members of NOREA where our activities include developing guidelines for financial auditors; and
  • member of Nexia International’s IT Committee Steering Group.

Interested in an IT auditor for your audit team?

Reliable information is crucial and with the increasing complexity of today’s systems, verifying the reliability of data is becoming a major challenge. Our IT auditors assist you on getting that verification so you can sign off the financial statements with confidence. Would you also like to have an expert IT auditor on your audit team? Then please contact us. We’re looking forward to telling you how we can be of service.

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